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Storage & Package Software

Self – Storage warehouses , Packing and Moving of material services - Management Software Solution

Self - Storage
Facility / Provision for Customers to hire goods storage place for some period. Customers can choose the type and size of area.
Self-Storage companies’ are having number of storage locations / places, godowns, warehouses available. Customer can call at Company’s Call Centre and enquire for availability for their required material to be stored for a period of time. They can book the storage for longer period of time for their regular usage. Sales Person / Agents can see the availability in Software System and inform Customer for cost of hiring and terms and condition.
               Central system will book the Storage area / place for defined period, terms and condition and rate / amount for hiring. A contract paper will be generated for Customer and Invoice can also be raised by the system to generate the payment liability towards Customer every month. After payment received facility / storage is booked for the period. After completion of the period Customer can renew their Contract. The system will generate alert well before to get Contract renewal at time. Contract can be closed before time.
               Call Centre can see the room layout (floor wise) with status of each and every room  ( size, booked by which Customer, Mobile number of Customer, period type such as Half Yearly contract or Quarterly contract, Room Number, Old Contract number with period details.
Insurance entry along with its renewable facility provided.
               Every room is displayed as per its physical location (Floor wise and Premises wise) and shown in colour coding such as
a.       Vacant (white)
b.       Booked (Blue)
c.       Under Contract (Green)
d.       Under Maintenance (Grey)
e.       Late Stay (Yellow)
f.        Under Legal (Red)
Enquiry and Quotation can be generated for the new or existing Customers.
Room Booking based on Enquiry, Quotation or direct is possible through system.
Room Access management – based on authorised person approval through the system and with history of access provided.
Room size and Period type (weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly wise Rate list can be prepared in the system as per
a.        Individual,
b.       Corporate
c.       Government.
Promotional discount can also be maintained for the certain period of the calendar.
Packing and Movement
Company can also provide facility to pack the Customer’s material or goods and also provide facility to move it to warehouse. For these services System will provide charges structure for different type of packing material in packing and cost of material and labour to pack. Similarly for material /goods movement, labour cost, transportation cost and other handling charges can be calculated based on Customer’s one premises to other premises or Company’s Warehouse.
Company can have showrooms for selling packing material directly to Walk-in Customer. Company’s van moving with packing material, labour along with carpenters can be managed for packing and moving. Work allocation can be done by the Centralised System directly to van worker’s team. Team members can enter work done, material consumed for billing by Centralised System.
               Team availability can be managed with a dashboard showing availability of Vans as per date (Weekly Scheduling) with status such as
a.       Available
b.       Scheduled
c.       Confirmed
d.       Week Off
e.       Work Executed
f.        Under Maintenance
g.       Public Holiday
Complete Account integrated with this software –
a.       Division wise – MIS reports such as Balance Sheet, Trial Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Ledgers, Outstanding and Receivables ( Individually as well as consolidated)
b.       All the required Accounts Transactions such as Bank/Cash --     Payments / Receipts (will wise or Advance).
c.       Debit Note/ Credit Note
d.       Journal Voucher and Contra Entry
e.       Chart of Account Management
f.        All required reports.
Purchase management
a.       Item Master
b.       Supplier Master
c.       Purchase Indent
d.       Purchase Order (PO) with VAT
e.       Goods Receipt Number (GRN)
f.        Purchase Voucher (PV)  Booking (Supplier Bill) with VAT
g.       Payment to Supplier (Advance or Bill Wise)
h.       Purchase related MIS and other reports
Sales management
a.       Sales Item  
b.       Enquiry, Quotation and Order (SO)  to  Invoice
c.       Sales Rate Management
d.       Customer Master (Individual, Corporate, Government and Walk-In )
e.       Sales Invoice with VAT
f.        Receipt (Advance or Bill Wise)
g.       Sales related MIS and other reports
Inventory management
a.       Opening of Items
b.       Items with
c.       Purchase Items details
d.       Sale Item Details
e.       Available Item / Material
f.        Inventory Value
g.       Re Order and Min Max Quantity wise Purchase Planning
h.       Stock Summary / Ledger and other reports.
Features Of Storage &  Package Software

Complete automation of Self storage, Packing & Moving and Show room businesses for on time and online reporting
About PackNMove organization:
Transportation services for furniture’s, offices, equipments, materials…etc through chain of solutions which are determined according the clients requirements.
  1. Packaging Services through organizing the customer      belongings and packing them with specialized packing materials which are      made through a specialized packing services team.
  3. Delivery services for furniture and goods and any      other items, handling of individuals, companies and government agencies      using trucks specially prepared for transport and supplies.
  5. Self-storage, which is considered to be the      first of its kind in Kuwait and the Middle East, where the client can      choose his own space and time required to store the appropriate widgets      and related purposes.
  7. Shipping services to the customer through our sea,      air and land freight to all over the world in professional and accurate      manner.
  9. Show room in which we provide a wide range      of materials and products related to the company services which are      Packing, Moving, Self Store and shipping. Our products items are varied and      suitable for any job wither it will be conducted through our company or by      the customer them self.

Organization Structure:

( Company)  (Logistic Division)  (Moving Division)
 Self                                     Portable                       Showroom        Packing & Moving                      Delivery Order
Storage                                Storage                                

Following modules are applicable for above all divisions of PackNMove
·         Call Center Operations
·         Online payment facility
·         Purchase Management System
·         Inventory Management and Control System
·         Accounting System
·         Admin

Call Center:
This module is common for all three divisions i.e. self storage, pack & move and showroom. Major functionalities are as follows:
·         Customer Management
·         Estimation
·         Quotation Generation
·         Seat reservation for Team
·         Payment Follow up
·         Complaint registration and follow up
Self Storage (Division)
Major functionalities of this division are as follows:
·         Operations such as
o        Reservation of self storage
o        Contract creation
o        Appointment of authorized person
o        Renewal of contract
o        Auto Invoice generation
o        Move out of contract
o        Cancellation of contract
o        Storage access
o        Change of Storage
o        Contract documentations
o        Maintenance
·         Invoicing
·         Payment collection.
·         Portable Storage
o        Transportation (Cost added as other expenses)
o        Sales  & renting

Packing & Moving (Division)
·         Main services are following :
o        Delivery
o        Delivery & Packing
o        Packing & Moving
·         Order reconfirmation
·         Team assignment
·         Generation of Delivery Order/Work order
·         Generation of Delivery Note/Work Note
·         Actual work done & actual delivery done
·         Invoice generation
·         Payment collection.
·         Managing projects and outsources projects.  

Showroom (Division)
·         Walk-in sales
·         Invoice generation
·         Exchange  or sales return management
·         Collection of payment.

Team & Vehicle Management (Packing &  Moving)
·         Formation of team
o        Change of team member
o        Assigning vehicle to team
·         Time tracking of vehicle
·         Costing of team
·         Costing of vehicle
·         Expenses of team
·         Expenses of vehicle
o        Fuel statement of vehicle.
Inventory Management
·         Purchase
·         Purchase return
·         Issue
·         Undelivered (excess)
·         Damage
·         Items
o   Tools and equipments
o   Uniforms
o   Maintenance items
o   Packing materials

Accounts Management
·         Payment Voucher
·         Receipt Voucher
·         Expenses
·         Bank Payment
·         Bank Receipt
·         Cash Payment
·         Cash Receipt
·         Petty Cash
·         Contra Entry
·         Bank Reconciliation
·         Credit Note
·         Debit Note
·         Journal Entry
·         Approval of vouchers
·         Asset Management
·         Division and company based Statements
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